What is Marine Detailing?

Although yacht cleaning and care has been around since boats first hit the water, the art of detailing and protecting them to the highest possible standards, using the latest is ceramic and coating technology, is still a relatively new and unknown part of the industry. With yachts, speed boats and high end marine vehicles costing vast sums to purchase and upkeep, the reality is that not caring for them with the latest yacht detailing techniques and products will see costs soar further down the line.

Manitou Yacht has been created as an international yacht care and detailing brand, bringing with it years of automotive detailing experience, combined with the leading marine coating products, making us the first choice for ultimate boat cleaning and protection services.

Yacht Detailing

Detailing is more than simply cleaning a vehicle, and this is no different when it comes to boats and high class marine vehicles, where washing, polishing, protecting and finishing combine to transform the surfaces of any yacht we work on.

We use the leading techniques to restore surfaces and high end ceramic products to protect and finish, whilst using the latest technology on fabrics and leathers ensuring the damp and corrosive environment your boat is exposed to does not cause damage.

All surfaces restored, treated and finished by Manitou Yacht will provide long lasting shine and protection, with cleaning and upkeep becoming easier and more effective as dirt, grime and chemicals struggle to bond to the ceramic coating.

Yacht Customisation & Boat Restyling Services

Our team of highly skilled boat detailers are also market leaders in the yacht aftermarket, offering services for boat customisation, restyling and protection.

Boat Wrapping

Yacht Window Tinting

Paint Protection Film

Interior Yacht Styling

Yacht Detailing FAQ

Detaling a yacht is a long and complex process, that can take many hours and cost significant $$. We answer some of the key questions we are asked on a daily basis.

Yes they can. Whether above or below the water, the surfaces of your boat can be protected against the damaging properties of sea water. In much the same way car paint can be protected with various waxes and ceramic coatings, yachts can too, although re-application will be required after a shorter period of time than with cars.

Still a new service but one that is growing, boat wrapping is possible and is an ideal way to restyling your boat quickly, whilst protecting the surfaces against minor damage. Speak with us about the materials and processes involved to ensure that your boat wrap project goes without a hitch.

With the boa yacht available in a dry dock, a wrap can take anything from 3-7 days, with our team happy to travel to the location of your boat for the duration on the wrap project.

As long as the boat is well maintained and cared for following our guidelines post detail, then it should remain in top condition for at least 2 years.

As with a car wrap, wrapping a yacht is a time consuming process that will use a large quantity of expensive vinyl materials. This is significantly cheaper than a painting or respray job, and is also reversible, but it is still a premium boat customisation service that should be carried out by skilled technicians.

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Manitou are available internationally to work on your marine vehicles, be that restoration, protection or customisation. Request a free, no obligation quote.
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