Choosing Your Next Bathroom Shower Design

Choosing Your Next Bathroom Shower Design

Showering has come a long way for humans. It may be far-reaching to say we evolved from depending on natural rainfall showers to traditional shower heads. Whatever the case, it's satisfactory how far we've come.

In today's world, there are bathroom shower options. Shower rail black set is one of such options. It is a versatile piece of bathroom equipment that allows for comfort and easy showers. The best way to appreciate the importance of a shower rail is to compare it with that a shower rigid riser set.

What are shower rail sets?

These sets allow you to adjust the shower head height. It often has a slider rail that can be moved vertically to adjust the height of the shower head. To ensure the shower head does not fall out from the rail, it has two stoppers at both ends of the rail. So when a shorter person wants to use the shower, the shower head is adjusted to a lower position.

The same applies when a taller person wants to take a shower. Rather than hunch over and have an uncomfortable bath, the shower head is raised on the rail.

What are shower rigid risers?

These are the traditional showers you've always known. They come with a fixed height and cannot be adjusted. These traditional showers heads are also known as shower rigid risers. However, in trying to adapt to modern designs, some of these traditional showers heads can sometimes come with adjustable risers. In designs like this, it comes with a rigid riser, an additional handset, and a shower valve.

Major difference between shower rails and rigid risers?

The major feature that sets both of these shower types apart is the adjustability of the shower head on the rail. Every other difference is more about the chosen design than its functionality.

In the end, functionality should play an important role in helping you decide which to pick. Here's a better general guide to follow. If you have people with varying heights using the bathroom, you should settle with a shower rail. Its adjustable feature makes it convenient for everyone to use. If you opt for a more traditional styled shower design, you can settle for a shower with a fixed riser and an additional handheld shower head.


One of the key decisions you'll have to make when it comes to bathroom designs is the type of shower to install. Luckily, you get to choose between two unique design styles. The shower rail offers easy adjustment of the shower head along a vertical slider rail. This allows for the head of the shower to be adjusted to the required height. Traditional or rigid riser shower designs are fixed and their height cannot be adjusted. The onus is on you to choose the best shower design that complements your bathroom functionality.