Context of the novel “sexy teacher’s student mate”

Context of the novel “sexy teacher’s student mate”

Have you ever felt astonished or shocked by seeing the most hated person as your professor on the first day of college? A foxy hot professor and your roommate too. And a strange thing is that it does not belong to the human world. Dark overload wants to destroy the world, human as well as supernatural. The reason for that is complications in relationships and a bad past. Will roommates be organized and close to each other? Also, laws and rules of humans will allow this relationship of romance? The last survivor Lycan is trying to get revenge for its blood Lycan pack. This sexy teachers category romantic novel consists of 172 chapters. Below is the context of two chapters. Let’s look at that.

Chapter 1

Bella is a young beautiful lady who got admission to the university on scholarship. The dormant has allotted the same room to Bella as well as to the professor. As soon as Bella opened the door she saw the professor looking at him. They both talked to each other rudely. Professor asked her if she is a cleaning lady. Bella asked him if he is a plumber. The professor said he may be hot but she should keep her fantasies away. They both keep on shouting at each other. Bella said your parents has not made a decent child. The teacher ignored the insult and asked which one is her room. both of the rooms are neat and clean.

Bella is regretting her decision of living with him. He is handsome, and 6 feet tall. After shutting the main door. He knocks on Bella's room door. Bella opens the door and sees him wearing a pajama and fumbling with it. Bella asked him what he is doing. She said you want to mark your territory by peeing on my bed? Both introduced their names to each other. His name is kai and her name is Bella Diaz. Bella said she is 17 years old and going to turn 18 next month. Facing all this Bella said to herself I’ll learn to adjust and it might be hard with this jerk.

Chapter 2

Kai asked what is she doing at university. She replied she skipped a few grades and went to college when she was 14 years old. And she is on scholarship here and will study for 1 year here. Kai responded that he will be controlling her grades. Bella thought her life is going to be tough with this jerk. Bella asked his age. He is handsome and looks like a teenager. He said he is 17 years old too. Bella shockingly asked him to stop joking. And asked how he became a professor at the age of 17. Bella checked the washroom it was shared. She asked Kai to make a schedule to use the bathroom and kitchen. Both are making rules for living together. Bella is tired and misses her home and she wants to sleep.


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