Mattress Sizes & King Size Mattress Dimensions

Mattress Sizes & King Size Mattress Dimensions

Any king size mattress dimensions are the definition of luxury. It can be of different types, and you can select one that suits you the best. Your decision can be influenced by your budget or how big your bedroom is.

What Are The King Size Mattress Dimensions?

King Mattress

A king mattress has enough space for two people to sleep comfortably. It measures 80-inches in length and 76-inches in width. It’s ideal for a couple.

Alaskan King Mattress

An Alaskan king mattress is the largest mattress available. It’s 108x108 inches and is best for families and people with pets.

Split King Mattress

Split king mattresses are two separate mattresses on the same bed. Each mattress measures 38”x80”. It’s ideal for people with different mattress requirements.

Texas King Mattress

If you're tall and always have your feet hanging off a bed, a Texas king mattress is best for you. Its dimensions are 80"x96", so you can stretch your legs.

Wyoming King Mattress

Sometimes couples need their space, and that’s where a Wyoming king mattress comes in handy. It is ideal for you as it measures 84”x84”.

California King Mattress

A California king mattress is best for couples with pets as its dimensions are 72”x84”. It is 4” lesser in length as compared to a king mattress.

Why Do Different King Size Mattress Variations Exist?

People are unique, and so are their sleeping preferences. You need to consider a wide variety of factors when looking for a mattress, like budget, space, sleeping preferences, number of people, etc. The variations in king-size mattresses cater to these needs to provide you with your perfect mattress.

Sometimes couples have different needs and requirements, and a standard king-sized bed may not be the best option for them. They require a split king mattress so they can both have their perfect mattress on the same bed. You may prefer a firm mattress, while your partner may like a soft one. The market needs to cater to every different need.

Are There Any More Options Other Than King Size?

There are other options besides a king-size mattress. Different people have different needs, and these mattresses cater to them.

Twin Mattress- Best For The Singles

The dimensions of a twin mattress are 38"x75". They're suitable for children, single adults, or people with small bedrooms. These mattresses are used in bunk beds or college dorms. It's an excellent cost-effective option for singles.

Twin XL- For Singles That Prefer Extended Sleeping Space

If you're tall or simply prefer a little more space, a twin xl mattress is an excellent option. It provides an extra 5-inches in length compared to a traditional twin mattress.

Full Mattress- For Standard Needs

A full mattress or a standard double mattress is 54" wide and 75" tall. It offers adequate space for both a couple and an individual.

Queen Mattress- For His & Her

Queen mattresses are slightly bigger than a standard double mattress. It measures 60” in length and 80” in width. It offers more space for couples and is the most common mattress.