Pros and Cons of a Tiled Outdoor Basketball Court

Pros and Cons of a Tiled Outdoor Basketball Court

Basketball is a game that can be filled with injuries, skirmishes and near misses. This is why, more and more players are looking to invest into outdoor basketball court tiles. They offer soft and malleable surface to play basketball on, reducing much risks and errors of any asphalt or concrete floor.

With the availability of commercial basketball court solution | ZSFloor Tech consumers can opt for a vibrant and safe way to play basketball at the convenience of their home. However, when it comes to picking an outdoor basketball court tile, before you make the decision to invest it is pertinent to first go through all the pros and cons.

This is why, we have organized a list of all the advantages and disadvantages when it comes to playing basketball on a tiled court outdoors.


Safety Is Ensured

The foremost advantage of opting for court tiles instead of the generic plastic or concrete surface is that it is safer. The shock absorbing technology of a basketball court tile affords the players a smoother and softer surface for playing, which decreases the chances of any cuts or bruises on falling.

Similarly, a softer surface of basketball court tiles also increases traction or friction between a player’s shoe and the surface. As a consequence, the safety thereby increases manifold because the chances of falling are decreased from the offset.

Easier to Clean and Maintain

A basketball court tile is made up of an easy to clean material. The design of the tiles allows an even surfaces with not crevices or cuts, in which dust and dirt can pile. This is why, cleaning is as easy as simply dusting the upper surface and you are good to go

In addition to being easy to clean, the surface of a basketball court tile is also absorbent. This means that when it rains, the tiles do not remain wet for long periods of time, but as soon as water touches the surface it gets absorbed. This gives players a safe surface to play on and decreases cost any damages that rain water may have caused.

The Range of Options

As the tiles are manufactured in a factory, the buyer has complete say on exactly what colour, style and design of tiles they want. This gives you a chance to select your favourite colors and design a basketball court that fits your needs and desires.


The Uncontrollable Weather

As with any outdoor basketball playing arena, the same disadvantages also apply to basketball court tiles. They are exposed to the elements so the quality of the game depends upon the wind speed, direction of the sun and temperature. If the outdoor weather is not fit to play, then basketball court tiles cannot do much to change that.

It Can Be Expensive

Compared to an asphalt or concrete basketball court, a tiled basketball court is much more expensive. Therefore, if you want to play on a soft shock absorbent surface, then consider it an investment and only invest if you tend to play a lot of basketball, or else you are at the risk of not gaining any returns on your expenses.


To conclude the article, it can be stated that having an outdoor basketball court tile is a matter of personal preference. If a player is able to afford and invest on such a basketball court then it is perhaps the most perfect, safe and convenient way to play basketball in an outdoor environment.