What Are The Available Plastic Grease Traps And Enlist Their Features?

What Are The Available Plastic Grease Traps And Enlist Their Features?

It has been found that every year, the sewerage system of a country is occupied by millions of tons of fat and grease. This fat and grease become the cause of blockage in the pipe. Moreover, water treatment components are also damaged hard by oil and fat.

To resolve this situation, there comes a need for devices and equipment that removes fat, grease, and oil from entering the drainage system grease trap manufacturers are blessed in this regard. The given article explains more in-depth knowledge about grease traps.

Available Plastic Grease Traps

More than 100 years have gone since grease traps are playing an amazing role in maintaining a particular area's drainage system. A grease interceptor is another well-known name for a plastic grease trap. Grease traps are having different applications in several fields of life.

We can opt to use a plastic grease trap in our cafe, restaurant, hotel, or even school. The working of a plastic grease trap remains the same no matter where we use it. There are different available types of grease traps that we can choose to use in our drainage system. These types along with the little detail are as follows:

Gravity Grease Traps

Gravity grease traps are generally manufactured using fiberglass, steel, or concrete. They are considered large-sized grease traps and hence are usually preferred by large establishments. Their working is the same as other available grease traps but they are recommended for high-flow applications and contain more capacity than other grease traps.

Manual Grease Traps

The type of grease trap that is required for small establishments is a manual grease trap. This is because they are easily available in different sizes and the investment cost in purchasing a manual grease trap is also low. Plastic and sometimes stainless steel is used for manufacturing manual grease traps.

Automatic Grease Traps

Lastly, yet importantly, automatic grease traps are the most essential and demanding type of grease trap. They gave some additional features than manual and gravity grease traps like they can skim out fog at a fixed schedule. For recycling purposes, this fog is made to be stored in a collector.

Features of Grease Traps

A plastic grease trap is a commonly used device to prevent grease or any other type of blockage in drainage pipes. There are some advantages you may get while using a grease trap in your kitchen or any other place. We are here with amazing and most appealing features provided by grease trap:

Allow Long Time Usage

One of the long-lasting materials is always plastic which has again proven him. As grease traps are made of plastic which instantly increases the grease trap's lifetime.

Strong and Made Of Good Quality

Grease traps are made of next-level quality which makes grease traps very important to install in kitchens. It can bear any type of strong and hard force acting on it.

Provides Various Features

While using a grease trap you may get a large number of helpful features and the important thing is that its cost is also much smaller than any other metal device.

Easy Installation

No need to look for a plumber you also don't have to be skilled for the installation of a grease trap. As you can build the setup alone without any professional help.

An Additional Component for Filtration

While using a grease trap you may see a large number of methods for filtration in which an interceptor basket is also present in it. Which play an important role in cleaning the environment and pipes from wastes and drainage.

Final Thoughts

Plastic grease traps are playing a very significant role in keeping the drainage system clean and away from any blockage. The use of grease traps has now become common in different areas as there are amazing features of it. We can go ahead with different grease traps based on their provided application.